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"Spaghetti Western with a Liverpool jangle... great surf-noir-shanty" - Chris Hawkins, BBC 6Music


Defining a band's sound is always a tricky business, requiring one to walk the tightrope between cliche and bombast. So when a band is described as "expertly fusing the genius of Morricone and Moroder to create upbeat Western-inspired indie with just a hint of disco..." (Bido Lito!), where do you go from there?

The Shipbuilders exist as a melting pot where the surreal meets the sublime. Since releasing their first EP, 'Something in the Water' in 2016, the band have continuously expanded their sound and scope of influences to create a world where sparkling pop wonders are nestled between Spanish Civil War laments, gypsy arias, and chaotic, shambolic odes to drinking, death and everything in between.
All of this is done with added lashings of melody and the writings of Garcia Lorca and James Joyce, dictating that the wonder of the beauty of the world - and beyond - is never overlooked.


Naturally, all rivers have led to the ocean that is debut album, 'Spring Tide', which is due for release in 2022 via Mai 68 Records. A definitive lassoing of the band's journey to date, the ten tracks recorded with Danny Whitewood (BC Camplight, Ladytron) are a perfect distillaion of the Shipbuilders' sound and vision and will be available on 12" vinyl, CD and digital download. A bonus CD, 'Neap Tide', featuring remixes, demos, extra tracks and versions sang in other languages will also be available for purchase on CD.


"Liverpool's finest gypsy-surf-rock band since, well... nobody!" -

The Shipbuilders' universe is one all are welcome to explore, as the band have also established their own 'Shipwrecked' clubnights which over the past four years have played host to some of Merseyside's finest bands and spoken word artists, while raising funds and food for local foodbanks and charities. Such is the success of Shipwrecked, Summer 2021 saw the inaugral Shipwrecked Festival, a sold out all-day multi-stage event in Birkenhead's Future Yard, before the band took the even to Newport and Bristol in the autumn.


Live, The Shipbuilders have toured across the UK and have featured regularly at festivals including Liverpool Sound City, Liverpool Music Week and played Kendal Calling.


As the Spring Tide starts to rise, a UK wide tour is in the works and well aware time and tide wait for no man, work is well underway on album two.


Come on in, the water's lovely...

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